League of Legends Champion Zac, The Secret Weapon Has Been Revealed

Riot Games recently released the newest champion to join the roster of League of Legends, Zac, The Secret Weapon.

Zac is planning to be a jungler or solo laner with some interesting abilities to bring to the table. He has a passive which seems very similar to Anivia, however instead of just giving him a chance to come back from the dead, Zac also has the ability to pick up blobs that are left behind after using an ability. By picking up these blobs, Zac heals himself for an amount giving him one of the most interesting sustain tactics in LoL yet.

Be sure to read up on everything the champion has to offer including lore, abilities and even a look into position play styles on the official release post on the League of Legends website.

So what do you think of Zac? Do you think he is ready to make a gelatinous splash on the LoL scene or do you think he will just end up like a puddle of gloop? Be sure to let us know what you think down in the comments.