Deadly Premonition developer making Drakengard 3

Square Enix has announced Drakengard 3 in the making, a pleasant surprise since Taro Yoko has been taking a break from game development since the game that did not go as well as planned Nier. Yoko went on to help Square Enix design monsters for Monster X Dragon and now he’s continuing the Drakengard series. Drakengard 3 centers on two characters Zero and her younger sister One.

The story of Drakengard 3

In the distant past when darkness swept the world with war and tyranny, Goddesses called “Utatai” saw mankind was suffering and descended on the world. These Goddesses use the magical power of songs to defeat warlords ruling the land. Peace was finally brought to this chaotic world. The Goddesses were worshiped for ending conflict and were entrusted control of the world. They became known as Utahime.

One, a young Utatai, holds a strong desire to bring peace and balance to the world. She is poised to become unite all the Utatai and stand on the top of the world. One day, One’s older sister Zero shows up with a dragon. Zero is also an Utatai and said to be the strongest among them. Why did Zero suddenly show up in front of One? Why did she ally with a dragon? And what in the world are the Utatai? Darkness once again shrouds over the world.

On top of being a powerful songstress, Zero is also skilled with a sword. Zero is known for having a violent personality and being troublesome. She also has a rather promiscuous personality. Zero has an artificial arm and a flower in her right eye that keeps growing.

One is the exact opposite of her older sister. She has a strong sense of justice and is known for being rational. One even questions why the Utatai came to this world.

Drakengard 3 you play as Zero a white haired girl with a nice looking sword and dressed in white (normally covered in blood it seems by the screenshots – which makes her stronger apparently). Her skills make her stand out dancing around her enemies until she ultimately finishes them off and reaches to the sky riding a massive white dragon.

Drakengard 3comes out for PlayStation 3 later this year and is being developed by Lord of Arcana maker Access Games.

What do you think about Drakengard 3? Have you played the previous games, let us know in the comments.