Second Civ V Expansion Exploring A Brave New World

Taking over the world is so much fun, but few games made it as time-consumingly entertaining as Civilization V. The first expansion “Gods and Kings” revamped the way armies waged war and added a load of new units and structures along with the addition of religion.

The second expansion named “Brave New World” will focus on the game’s culture and diplomacy revamps. Along with this it will come with nine new civilizations with new leaders. New structures, units, wonders and scenarios will round out the package to make sure the game is worth the use of the word “expansion” instead of a simple DLC.

Culture will work similar to Civ IV’s. Borders may shift based on your empires cultural prowess, including entire cities should your empire’s land of enlightened culture seem tempting.

It will also mark the return of the world congress which can lockout nuclear weapons and impose other sanctions on players.

Brave New World will be out this summer for Windows and Mac.