Insomniac Games’ Ted Price Invites You To Pax East Panel

Finding a place for new intellectual property can be tough in a sequel-driven gaming world, but independent developer, Insomniac Games, is rising to the challenge. Famous for the Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank and Resistance franchises, Insomniac is developing a new universe for gamers to discover, entitled Fuse™. Launching this spring, Fuse is a 4-person action-packed co-op adventure that thrusts players into the shoes of four elite operatives: Izzy Sinclair, Naya Deveraux, Dalton Brooks and Jacob Kimble.

Built from the ground-up for lethal teamwork, Fuse sends players around the world to exotic strongholds to battle shadowy villains in order to prevent a Fuse-powered arms race from spiralling out of control. Co-op is not required to participate in the excitement of Fuse – solo players can also experience the unique attributes of all four agents by switching between them on-the-fly during combat using the game’s LEAP feature.

Some of the representatives of Insomniac Games will be appearing at Pax East as a panel ready to hear any questions that gamers might have on the game. The Pax East Panel, titled “Fuse: The Sleeper Hit of 2013”, will consit of the CEO & Founder of Insomniac, Ted Price, teaming up with the Lead Gameplay Programmer, Doug Sheahan and Designer, Mark Stuart.

In Fuse, each covert agent is equipped with a unique fuse weapon and abilities that are necessary not only for survival, but also to help create unexpected and extraordinary results. Experimental Fuse weapons are powered by a volatile alien substance that gives players unique capabilities that expand their strategic options in and out of combat.

Through lethal teamwork, players can complete Objectives and Kills to earn Fuse points, redeemable for powerful upgrades. Players can also play online or offline and level up along unique character paths, allowing players to unlock more powerful Fuse-driven abilities as the game progresses. In addition, the game’s progression system is unified between different play modes, allowing players to continue improving their agents regardless of how they play.

So what do you think of Fuse and the panel heading over to Pax East? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to check out more about fuse on their official website.

Fuse is scheduled to be released this year on PS3 & Xbox 360.