Fathom Kickstarter update


 Not long ago VGU brought you news about a new indie game called Fathom from Ironsun Studions, today the indie developers have released some exciting updates about their game’s progress.


First of all Ironsun have released information that they have completed the first two levels of the game and are already starting work on the third. As celebration of finishing the first two levels, the developers of Fathom have released a video on their youtube channel.

Ironsun Studios have also released visuals of the “Elite drone” one of the enemies you’ll be facing in the deep in Fathmon. Keep an eye on Fathom’s kickstarter page for more details and all their latest updates, this game looks extremely promising. Level three of the game is well into it’s development and you can see a mock up of the design on their kickstarter.

Are you excited for this game? Will you be supporting it? Let us know in the comments below.