Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – VR Missions DLC Available, 2 DLC packs to follow

Konami have announced that the VR Missions DLC is available now on the PlayStation 3. Free until April 1st in Japan and April 3rd in North America, the DLC adds 30 all-new missions to the game, featuring the classic VR look inspired by the original Metal Gear Solid VR Missions. The pack is pure, uncut gameplay that introduces a host of unique new challenges that will push Raiden’s skills to its limits.

Along with the VR Missions, Konami will release two additional Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance DLC packs starting this April. The first DLC pack, Jetstream, will be a side story featuring Sam as a playable character. The second pack, Blade Wolf, will allow players to control the enigmatic Blade Wolf and will showcase his side story. Both DLC packs will feature multiple hours of gameplay including unique abilities and characteristics for each character, while also expanding on each of their storylines and origins.

The VR Missions DLC is available now, however, in the UK, this DLC is priced at £1.99 and € 2,49 for the rest of Europe. It will also be available on Xbox 360 across Europe for 240 Microsoft Points. The Jetstream and Blade Wolf DLC will be available in April for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. If you will be picking up the VR Missions DLC or the two DLC packs that are due in April, leave a comment and let us know.