Persona 4 Arena European Version “looking at a May release”

Zen United, the publisher for the European version of Persona 4 Arena, has stated they have submitted the Xbox 360 build of the game to Microsoft. This was released via the Persona Europe Facebook group.

Zen goes on to say that depending on how long the process takes the game is “looking at a May release”. While this isn’t a certain it shows that Atlus is finally serious about bringing the game to Europe. This news comes only weeks after the Persona 4 Golden release in Europe, which was also long delayed on its way to the UK.

Atlus’ region-locking idea has angered many European fans of the series. If the game is released in May it will have been nearly a full year since the games original release overseas. Will there even be a multiplayer community left for European players to intergrate into, or is it too late?

Is this too little too late? Should Atlus find a way to make it up to European fans of the series? Tell us your thoughts below.

Source: Eurogamer