League of Legends New Champion Might Be Coming Sooner Than Later

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 Recently on League of Legends’ faceboook page, a series of images from the Zaun Amorphous Experiment – Development Log have been released that might share a little insight as to who or what the next champion for LoL may be.

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The photos above link towards what the champion could look like with a potential of being the first champion to presumably grow bigger and more humanoid as it levels up. As well as this there seems to be a tie in with Singed and Mundo in places with some classic LoL terminology thrown around such as ‘Over Powered’ and ‘Viable’.

This is getting me really excited for what Riot Games have in store next for League of Legends, but what do you guys think of this development? Be sure to let us know your thoughts down in the comments and keep an eye out for more information on League of Legends right here on VGU.