The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 12/03

Red faction collection

 Steam are putting on yet more sales today so let’s dive in and see what’s worth parting with your money for.

The Red Faction Collection is on sale today for £7.49 you get all the games of the series from the original game to Armageddon plus the DLC for less than £10. This classic collection of games is certainly worth parting with less than £10, so why not give them a go?


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is down in price today, this great sequel to War of Cybertron is down to only £10.19. The DLC packs for the game are also down in price in a pack for £9.15. This game and the DLC are both very fun games and are certainly worth a play, if you are a lover of all things Transformers, or just a casual fan.

blood bowl

Blood Bowl Chaos Edition is inspired by the Warhammer Fantasy world and is a combination of strategy and sports games in an ultra-violent combination. The game is down to £6.79 for less than £10, it’s a fun little idea which is executed very well.