Call of Duty Black Ops 2 gets Micro-transactions

bo2 gameplay

 As of tomorrow, Activision are introducing micro-transactions into Black Ops 2 for Xbox360. The items for purchase will be available at a later date on all other platforms. 

These micro-transaction purchasables are said to not effect gameplay but be little luxuries for players such as weapon skins or other none-combat changing “fluff”. Personalization are packs of ways to dress-up your weapon with weapon camo and targeting reticles for 160 Microsoft points. Oh, and there’s a bacon pack. You can wrap your gun in bacon for £1.37.

Extra slot packs open up 10 more create-a-class slots, so if you’re full prestige you get 20 custom class slots to play with. This also expands you media storage so you can save 20 more emblems, 32 more films and 40 more screenshots. Again this pack costs 160 Microsoft points.

The cheapest of the packs is the Flags of the world Calling Card pack for 80 Microsoft points. The packs are divided into geographical region slots so you don’t actually get the entire collection of world flags for one payment, if you really wanted them.

What do you think about Mirco-transactions in Call of Duty games? Should it be left to the free-to-play market or is it fair game for anyone? Let us know in the comments below.