The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 08/03


 Yet more deals from Steam this week making us all the poorer but yet all the happier with our games collection, so let’s dive straight in.

Football Manager 2013 is on sale now for only £14.99, this is the second 2013 game Steam have dropped the price on this week and as we’re only in March, picking this 2013 game up now is certainly worth it, especially for under £13!

Max Payne 3 Logo

Max Payne 3 is down to a cool £8.49 until Monday with a 66% price drop. All the DLC is also available in a package for only £18.67 so if you already have the game, why not get yourself some extra bits for it? For under £10 Max Payne 3 is certainly worth parting with some pennies. The rest of the Max Payne franchise is also down to very low prices this weekend.

braid logo

Got a £2 coin you want to part with? Then why not buy Braid for only £1.75? With a 90/100 score on metacritic and Eurogamer giving it a staggering 10/10 review, how can you say no to this game? For less than £2 you owe it to yourself to buy this game.