Devil Survivor: Overclocked Release Gets Moved Forward

It’s not often you hear of a games release being moved forward, but when it happens fans of the game must make a collective jump for joy. Today that day is for Shin Megami Tensei fans.

Devil Survivor: Overclocked will now be released March 29th, just in time for Easter. This has been pushed forward from the original April 5th target. The price will remain the same at £34.99, can’t have it all sadly.

That’s not all though. Ghostlight have changed their pre-order bonuses for the better. Anyone who ordered the game through the Ghostlight store was only going to get one A1 double sided poster. Now Ghostlight have sweetened the deal with TWO A1 posters, one for each side. These will be delivered unfolded in their own tube. How’s that for service?