Pokemon X and Y New and Recent Rumours Round Up

xy rumours 3

Recently, a few new Pokémon X and Y rumours have been flying around the internet and some not only seem very interesting but also very plausible! This information comes from a user who calls himself “Mr. XY” and was posted on an English speaking image board, claiming it to be real. Here is the list of the Pokémon that (apparently) will be in Pokémon X and Y!

xy rumours 3

4Chan is defiantly not the place to take rumours from in normal circumstances; however, the user went on to say that Nintendo will release a new Pokémon trailer in mid-March featuring a baby Pinsir and Heracross as proof of his legitimacy. The trailer is said to be coming out around the 15th of March and it will be interesting to see if this will come true!

One of the Pokémon on the list above is a evolution of the Pokémon Sableye, a theory that supports this new Pokémon has been fleshed out from an image of the new movie poster; it shows Mewtwo and extreme speed Genesect; in the bottom left are the cast and their Pokémon (not all of them but some of them) including Charizard; which returns this week in the Pokémon anime. What is odd is that behind Cilan and Ash is a random Sableye, this indicates that this Pokémon may have some relevance in either the movie and/or the anime and if it does, may even feature the supposed new evolution since newly relevant Pokémon are normally introduced this way (Sylveon was also hinted at in this manner which further gives this theory some weight).

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Another rumour floating around is a complete list of the Gym Leaders and Elite Four for this new region:

Gym Leaders

Snyder (Bug) – Web Badge – Galatan Gym: Rugged, brown-haired man wearing outdoor gear, such as hiking boots, and a vest filled with various tools and doo-dads covering it. An outdoors-man skilled in trapping and such who is a master Bug Catcher.

Blanche (Normal) – Star Badge – Coladale Gym : “Pixie-cut”, orange-haired young girl in a typical ballerina outfit. Is a ballet prodigy.

Justin (Dark) – Eclipse Badge – Croceanna Gym: Slicked-back, black hair guy in a police officer outfit wearing an eye-patch. Former convict turned good who tames dangerous Pokemon.

Rochelle (Rock) – Solid Badge – Mistiltin Gym: Long, brown-haired woman wearing a racing outfit and holding a helmet. Is a motor rally racer and car enthusiast.

Felicity (Psychic) – Grace Badge – Durendock Gym: Black-haired “office woman” wearing very fashionable eyeglasses. Interior decorator that practices Feng Shui and is very orderly.

Flavius and Ferra (Steel) – Grid Badge – Caladbough Gym: An older, “fluffy hair” man wearing a flashy golden suit and a beautiful blond woman in a silver dress. Are co-hosts that run a game show at their Gym.

Jules (Ghost) – Spirit Badge – Nagelrelm Gym :Young boy is a black suit, with pale skin and light-blond hair. Eyes closed. Is a blind violinist who uses his other senses to play.

Vincent (Fighting) – Force Badge – Tyrforge Gym: Pretty plain looking, middle-aged man wearing a black sweater and brown pants. Well known movie star and philanthropist.

The Elite Four and Champion:

Odelia (Grass) – Young, primed woman with medium-length red hair wearing a fancy dark-green horse-riding suit holding a rapier.

Marty (Water) – Muscular dude dressed up in a full-body swimsuit, with a baseball cap and goggles. Has a towel wrapped around his neck.

Ignatius (Fire) – Purple-haired man handsome looking man wearing a red/black “priest” outfit, with “intense” eyes.

Eydis (Electric) – Very muscular, powerful looking woman with a yellow/pink mohawk wearing a black leotard and a white biker jacket.

Oliver – Your character’s father, grown up. Uses a mixed team.

The rumours and speculation are flying around fast and until Nintendo announce something else soon the will come on coming with more and more frequency. If there is anything to take away from this is the hope of a mid-March announcement, let’s get all these rumours and theories cleared up shall we?

Although, if I am honest, I would LOVE a Grass/Dragon and Bug/Dragon Pokémon! I really hope that is true!

More rumours, if and when they appear, will be brought to you soon so keep you eyes on VGU for more Pokémon X and Y information!

Do like these Pokémon X and Y rumours? What would you like to see in the games? Let us know what you think in the comments below!