New PS All-Stars: Battle Royale DLC Characters Announced

20130325 Isaac Screens 1 tif jpgcopy

After the first batch of DLC which added Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves from Starhawk, more DLC was bound to appear giving players new characters and levels to smack franchise favourites around in.

Well IGN have confirmed that new characters and levels are coming this March. The new characters are the towering Zeus from God of War and the ever unfortunate Isaac Clarke from Dead Space. Isaac will be bringing his selection of body-busting weapons to the table, while Zeus will be getting up close and electrical to dish out some brutal punishment.

The new stage will be a combination of PS1 series “Medival” and the more recent “The Unfinished Swan”.

The DLC will be available on both the PS3 and PS Vita version of the game. It is still unknown if the game will be free for a limited time like the first load of DLC or if will be pay only.

Until then here are some images and trailers of the new contenders smacking the daylights out of other characters and the new stage.

20130325 Isaac Screens 1 tif jpgcopy 20130325 Isaac Screens 10 tif jpgcopy
20130325 Level Screens 3 tif jpgcopy 20130325 Level Screens 4 tif jpgcopy
20130325 Level Screens 5 tif jpgcopy 20130325 Level Screens 6 tif jpgcopy
20130325 Level Screens 7 tif jpgcopy 20130325 Zeus Screens 4 tif jpgcopy
20130325 Zeus Screens 9 tif jpgcopy 20130325 Zeus Screens 13 tif jpgcopy