The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 28/02

ghost-recon-future-soldier title

 Steam are being super generous again by giving yet more sales on great titles which you certainly shouldn’t miss!

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and the season pass are on sale now for only £15.99! This close-future shooter is definitely worth a purchase and with all the DLC content included you’d be mad not to get it!

forge 23013.nphd

Forge is an Indie Action RPG and what’s even better is it’s only £5.09! This game was Greenlit by the Steam community so you know it has quality behind it, why not give it a shot, for under £10 you’ve got nothing to lose!


Not only is War of the Roses only £3.74, it’s having a free weekend until this Sunday! This third person medieval game is team based and a lot of fun to play with friends, why not give it a go for under £5!


Steam are spoiling you for games under £5 today as Mark of the ninja is only £3.99! This gory action side-scroller has a 91/100 meta critic rating, so parting with £3.99 is so worth it! Pick it up and you certainly won’t regret it!