LCS Europe Week 3 – Business As Usual

The third week of the League of Legends Championship Series has come to a close. The matches in this week’s series of events have been just as crazy and hell raising as the weeks before with some interesting results to follow.

The teams participating this week include: Copenhagen Wolves, Fnatic, Gambit BenQ, Ozone GIANTS, Against All Authority, Evil Geniuses and Dragonborns. These teams participated with some great passion this week but sadly there can only be winners and losers in this series.

Check out this week’s results:

Copenhagen Wolves vs Fntaic: Winner = Fnatic

Gambit BenQ vs Ozone GIANTS: Winner = Gambit BenQ

Against All Authority vs Copenhagen Wolves: Winner = Against All Authority

Evil Geniuses vs Fnatic: Winner = Fnatic

Dragonborns vs Ozone GIANTS: Winner = oZone GIANTS

Fnatic vs Against All Authority: Winner =Fnatic

Dragonborns vs Copenhagen Wolves: Winner = Dragonborns

Ozone GIANTS vs Against All Authority: Winner = Against All Authority

So who were you happy to see win this week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep an eye out for more updates on the LCS in the coming weeks.