Firefall beta weekend is on!

 Firefall from Red 5 Studios is having a public beta this weekend, bringing a few surprises with it.

Firefall is a MMOFPS based on future earth. After a starship disaster happens on earth, an energy storm known as “the melding” happens, wiping out most of the planet and spawning creatures who called themself “The Chosen.”

The game has developers from Vanilla World of Warcraft and Tribes 1 and 2, and they say the combat is “Fast paced, furious and played like a top tier shooter. Players combat ‘The chosen’ in massive Player vs environment battles.

firefall 1

With the game being completely skill based like all good shooters, with no random dice roll or number generator effecting for you do in battle, Firefall plan to open up an e-Sports league within their MMO, which is unheard of outside of World of Warcraft’s arena system.

firefall 2

You can sign up right now for the Firefall public beta and see if you think you have what it takes to take on The Chosen or show off your skills in the PVP arenas.

Will you be playing Firefall? What do you think of an MMO trying to break into e-Sports? Let us know in the comments below!