Death Inc. Interview

1.       What made you choose the art style when portraying the Black Death? Quite a few games with this tend to stick to the semi-realistic, darker colours and design compared to your cartoon style.

          Well exactly! The palette we’re using is far more interesting than many games. And it also is semi realistic, just brighter

2.       What made you choose to reimagine the Black Death?

          A combination of factors: I don’t think it’s been done (and it’s certainly not been overdone, like “post apocalyptic zombies”), and it’s really super interesting. Artistically there are loads of things we can do with the history.

3.       You mentioned in the Kickstarter that taking the game to tablets is up to the backers and how much funds you get, but would you personally like to see it on tablet, regardless of funds?

          Oh yes, it would be ace.

4.       How do you imagine co-op would work with the game? And if you can find a way to implement co-op, is it definitely going to become a feature?

          Co-op could work with two players both trying to capture a castle, for example. Implementing it isn’t the challenge, making it good is! And it’ll only make it into the game if it’s excellent fun.

5.       Have you considered merchandise such as plushies in the future? I would personally love a cuddly Grim to have on my shelf.

          We’ve looked into it already. Bespoke plushies are super expensive unfortunately, way more than people think. So we’d have to know that there was serious demand to get them in volume so we could provide them at the right price point for people/

6.       When it comes to the Narrative & World of Death Inc., were there any inspirations that gave you the drive to create it?

          There’s some Edgar Allen Poe, C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, Monty Python, Blackadder, to name a few

7.       What advice would you give to other designers looking to put their games on Kickstarter?

          Be seriously prepared. Test your pitch on everyone you can. Listen to feedback. Lower your expectations. Be ready for it to become someone’s full time job.

8.       What will you do if the Kickstarter is not met?

          Carry on making Death Inc. and seek different funding options.

9.       Can you tell us anything about the future plans for DLC / Expansions?

         There’s so much we could do, we’ve barely scratched the surface. Content / mission packs is an obvious one, perhaps themed from different points in history (Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Rome, the middle ages, the industrial revolution… so many). Texture and model packs, DLC for the office/business sim, even different costumes for Grim.

10.   You focus on your “paint” feature, do you think an advanced gamer would get bored of having everything done for them.

          It doesn’t “do everything for you” – All the options you’d want or expect from a traditional RTS are there, it just allows you to do it in a different (better) way

11.   With the game being single player, how long do you intend the game play to be?

          Around 8-10 hours with plenty of replayability options

12.   If I get myself as a villager in the game can I give it the plague?

          Of course.

13.   What is your best feature about Death Inc, if you could only choose one.

        The best feature that I can talk about is how the tactical options work so well already. You can use your archers from a distance to draw out enemies away from their pack, then ambush those guys once they’re separate. It’s tremendously satisfying.

14.   Do you have anything else you would like to express to the readers?

          We have a way to go with the funding but it’s not impossible by any means! So if you’re on the fence about backing us, try the demo at, decide it’s brilliant and pledge all you can!

We thank everyone at Ambient Studios and for Jonny for taking the time out to answer some of our questions. What do you think of Death Inc? Have you seen the gameplay trailer on the Death Inc Kickstarter page or had a go at the demo yet. If not head on over and take a look, if you like what you see do not forget to make yourself a backer for some nice rewards!

Death Inc. is currently on Steam Greenlight, head over and show your support.

Do you have any questions yourself about Death Inc.? Ask the in the comments and we can try and get them answered for you!