Project X Zone: 7 Character Artwork Images

Today we bring you a set of images from the upcoming Project X Zone. There are 7 different pieces of character artwork, all of different characters that will feature in the game.

Project X Zone is a mix of turn based strategy and your standard fighting game. It was announced back in January that it was to be localised in the US and Europe. It features 200 characters from across 29 different titles from Sega, Capcom and Namco Bandai.

Will you be buying Project X Zone? Does it feature one of your favourite characters? Let us know what you think of the artwork, and also what you think of the game.

thumb  bmUploads 2013-02-21 1604 NBGI BlackRosehack thumb  bmUploads 2013-02-21 1605 NBGI Harken BrowningMugen no Frontierthumb  bmUploads 2013-02-21 1606 NBGI Kaguya NanbuMugen no Frontier  thumb  bmUploads 2013-02-21 1607 NBGI KOS-MOSXenosaga thumb  bmUploads 2013-02-21 1608 NBGI Kytehack thumb  bmUploads 2013-02-21 1609 NBGI Sanger ZonvoltSuperRobotWarOG thumb  bmUploads 2013-02-21 1610 NBGI T-elosXenosaga copy