Playstation 4 Pre-Orders Go Live

With the official announcement of the Playstation 4 only a few hours old GAME have already moved on getting their preorders ready.

“The Future of PlayStation is here.

– Simple
– Immediate
– Intergrated
– Personalization

These are the Core values that Sony had when designing their Next Gen console. They wanted a console that was simple for gamers, gave immediate access to content, would intergrate into other aspects of their life and also be able to personalize itself to their gaming habits.” 

For anyone who watched the Sony press release, you’ll know that this was the description of Sony’s new and impressive console. While there is currently no price or release date listed on the site, Sony revealed that the Playstation 4 would be making a ‘Holiday 2013’ release date, so make sure you write this on your Christmas list!

We’ll keep you updated as other places open their preorders up and you can find a roundup of the games slated for a PS4 release on the VGU website, including Killzone: ShadowfallDestiny (Bungie’s latest adventure), Diablo 3 and Driveclub (an ambitious team racing game).

GAME currently haven’t finalised a lot of details, although they are assuring people that more details will go live in the morning.

Are you looking forward to the new console? I know half the VGU staff are ready to preorder it after the press release. Let us know what you’re looking forward to the most in the comments.