Diablo 3 Coming to PS4

Chris Metzen, representative from Blizzard Entertainment, has appeared in a shocking reveal at the PlayStation meeting as he unveils that Diablo 3 is coming to PS4 within the near future.

The game has been on PC for a long while now and with this newly announced piece of information, the game could just get even bigger. The game is to be an exclusive for Sony consoles and it is proving to bridge the gap between Console and PC.

As well as just featuring the game on a home console, the game will still have the four player online co-op that is in the original PC release. Nothing different or new has been released at the moment but the fact that Diablo is coming to PS4 could also mean that some of Blizzard’s future titles might just appear on the new console as well. Project Titan maybe?

This is a huge step forward for Blizzard, but do you think it’s the right time and choice? Put your thoughts down in the comments and be sure to keep an eye out for more PlayStation Meeting 2013 News.