Destiny Coming to PS3 and PS4

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After already being confirmed for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, Bungies new FPS franchise Destiny has aso been confirmed for the Playstation 4. You can watch the reveal video below.

Some of the details for Destiny were already confirmed earlier this week. Once again humans are fighting against a hostile alien species intent on wiping them out, and the world has gotten a lot darker. The remaining drabs of humanity are holed up in the one remaining city on Earth, with nature and the aliens claiming the rest of our beloved home. You can check out more on the details in our previous article.

While the video doesn’t show too much yet (you do get to see some pretty cool guns and gameplay) you can expect this next epic title from Bungie to do some pretty amazing stuff. We are extremely excited to see what Bungie will be doing next, especially with the next-gen hardware.

Exclusive content will be coming to the Playstation 4 version and more details are to be released soon over the months leading to E3.

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