Daedalic Announces Magical New Adventure Game: The Night of the Rabbit

Daedalic Entertainment has announced the title of its upcoming adventure created by Matthias Kempke. After being in development for over a year, it will be released this spring under the title of “The Night of the Rabbit” (It has been previewed  by some sites under the title “The Rabbit’s Apprentice” as well!).

Daedalic’s CEO, Carsten Fichtelmann says that, “The Night of the Rabbit is Daedalic’s biggest adventure game so far, and when it is released this May it will follow in the footsteps of the international success of our ‘Deponia series’. We believe with this project, the development team has created a unique game that will enthrall players all over the world.”

The Night of the Rabbit will be released internationally for both PC and Mac on May 29th, 2013 and will feature full German and English versions, as well as Russian, Polish, Czech, French and Spanish text localizations.

If you are a fan of adventure games keep this game in you sights, not only does it have a magical rabbit (and everyone loves a magic rabbit!) but with its charming and very sweet art style it is looking to be a top adventure game this year. If you want to know more make sure you head over to Daedalic’s official website for this title and more advernture game titles!

Do you like the look of The Night of the Rabbit? Are you a fan of adventure games? Let us know in the comments below!