Phantom Pain Website Update

There has been a change on The Phantom Pain’s ‘website‘. This may only seem like a minor update but it is still enough to get all of the Metal Gear fans jumping up and trying to work out what it might mean.

thumb phantom

Above is the quote that features on the ‘website‘. That is the only thing that is on the website. It seems to be a simple description of what ‘phantom pain’ actually is, however below this quote there is ‘2:20’. What might this mean? Could it have anything to do with the 20th of February or the Playstation announcement?

Another thing that seemed odd about the image is the discolouring of a few of the words. ‘Pain’, ‘Lumin’ from Luminary and ‘Portion’ from Apportion all seem to be a different shade of colour; they all have a hint of red to them. What could the words Pain, Lumin and Portion point towards? Perhaps this is the crafty work of Hideo Kojima, who is in his element when teasing fans, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. Let us know what you think of this update and what you think it might mean in the comments below.