Digimon Masters is still in the mood for Love

Time to pucker up Digimon fans! Joymax, the developer of Digimon Masters Online, has rounded up a whole bunch of prizes and events for you lovebirds to take part in. The event will run until 12th March.

Rosemon, the Digimon of love, wants to give his true love the gift of chocolate, but the only problem is that he doesn’t have any! Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to bring him Cocoa Seeds, and he will return the favour with tokens of appreciation. Hunt monsters and gather these seeds for Rosemon for a chance at some amazing prizes, including Miracle Fruit, Amplifier Boosters, Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes and even Reinforced Mercenary Eggs.

All of this is in addition to a 200% EXP rate during the week and 300% on weekends, plus a whole host of sweet log-in bonuses. You can even win DigiEggs for Gizumon and Kamemon!. Here’s the rewards you can grab yourself:

GDM 130125_Valentine_sDay_copy


– Miracle Fruit (30 Cocoa Seeds)

– Amplification Booster + 200% (50 Cocoa Seeds)

– Valentine’s Gift Box (150 Cocoa Seeds)

This gift box could have one of the following: Gizumon DigiEgg(Mercenary), Kamemon DigiEgg(Mercenary), Jump Booster (Western Area) +10, Sweet Chocolate (has the effect of Energy Pill A)

– Mystery Mercenary DigiEgg(Unit) (200 Cocoa Seeds)

– Mystery Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg (650 Cocoa Seeds)

The event also has a LOG IN bonus, and items are rewarded based on how long you stay logged in for.

– 1st (30 mins) = Fruit of Mysteryt Growth x 5

– 2nd (1 Hour) = Sweet Chocolate x 1

– 3rd (2 Hours) = Valentine’s Day Gift Box x 1

– 4th (3 Hours) = Piece of Evoluter x 1

There are also 2 other special events for you to check out.

Even if you don’t like Valentine’s Day itself, here’s the chance to bg yourself some pretty cool things, so it does come in useful! Anyone interested in some of this stuff? Let us know in the comments.