Dreamfall Chapters Hits Kickstarter Target

The Longest Journey is an adventure series that is critically loved but never garnered that much attention. The depth of the games worlds and the quality of the characters had critics in love with April Ryan and the joint worlds of Arcadia and Stark. While the original was popular enough to get a sequel, it has been 7 years since Dreamfall: The Longest Journey was released. That was until the kickstarter project started up last week, a project that has already hit its $850,000 target!

The project surpaced $850,000 Feb 17th, still having the best part of three weeks to go. Dreamfall is still gathering support, which means the team at Red Thread Games will be able to rollout some of their stretch goals such as the already met requirement for a Mac and Linux version. While most of the other goals are still underwraps for the moment, they offer new locations and characters with the final goal resting at $2 mil.

With plenty of time still to go why not go donate money to the page and support a developer that has pushed the envelope of how games tell stories!