LCS Europe Week 2 – Things are Starting to Heat Up

This week there was another instalment of matches from the European League of Legends Championship. This week featured these teams battling it out: Evil Geniuses, Dragonborns, Copenhagen Wolves, SK Gaming, Against All Authority, Gambit Gaming BenQ and GIANTS Gaming.

The matches featured some very incredible plays and techniques that have been marked, according to the commentators like Quickshot, as iconic matches in the start of Season 3.

Have a look at the results of this week’s matches:

Evil Geniuses vs Dragonborns: Winner = Evil Geniuses

Copenhagen Wolves vs SK Gaming: Winner = SK Gaming

Against All Authority vs Gambit Gaming BenQ: Winner = Gambit Gaming BenQ

Evil Geniuses vs SK Gaming: Winner = Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses vs GIANTS Gaming: Winner = Evil Geniuses

SK Gaming vs Dragonborns: Winner = Dragonborns

Gambit Gaming BenQ vs Copenhagen Wolves: Winner = Gambit Gaming BenQ

GIANTS Gaming vs Copenhagen Wolves: Winner = GIANTS Gaming

So week two has created some key moments in the LCS tournament, but what are your favourite moments thus far? Be sure to put down your opinions on the LCS in the comments and keep an eye on the Official LCS Page for more information on the matches as well as a chance to look back at those iconic moments.