Throw Trucks With Your Mind – it’s as Awesome as it Sounds

“I have wired an EEG headset that reads your brain into a video game to give you telekinetic super-powers controlled with your thoughts.”

Throw Trucks With Your Mind is a game currently on Kickstarter and its calls itself a multiplayer-focused game where you use your mind to throw objects at other players to kill them. You will fight using the NeuroSky’s MindWave headset peripheral that reads the electrical activity of your brain and then allows you to control and move various objects in the game world.

“The game works by doing a bunch of crazy math on your brainwaves to determine how calm and focused you are. These two conditions act as the scalars on your psychic powers. Want to throw a truck into that pompous jerk strafing around in front of you? Just focus on it. The more focused you are, the harder you fling the truck and the more smushy he ends up.”

On Kickstarter the project only needs $40,000 to become fully funded and it looks like this will be fulfilled. The project has gained around $11,000 (at the time of this article) in just 4-5 days and with some very impressive rewards and stretch goals available we at VGU really are hoping this game gets funded, so pledge now!

What do you think of Throw Trucks With Your Mind? Are you going to pledge some cash towards it? Let us know in the comments below!