Epic Games answered your Gears of War: Judgment questions over Facebook

With the Gears of War: Judgment release date getting ever closer, Epic Games have been answering some of your questions about the game in a Facebook Q&A session. You can find the answers on the Xbox 360 Facebook page, but in case you’re not on Facebook or you don’t want to travel that far here are Epic’s responses to a few burning questions.

Q1: Why Baird as the main protagonist?

“Baird is a really interesting character who never really got his moment in the sun. We’ve explored Marcus and Dom in past games, and Cole even got his own special mission in Gears 3. But players don’t know a lot about Baird’s backstory, so Judgment [PEGI 18] follows his squad in some of the formative moments surrounding Emergence Day”. -Epic Games

Q2: Why a prequel story to Gears of War?

“We wanted to go someplace different, since we’d already explored the story of Delta Squad in the first three games. One of the most interesting things in Judgment [PEGI 18] is that the planet Sera has not been as ravaged. Now that the conflict with the Locust is so fresh, everything feels much more alive, but that sense of security will be ripped away suddenly because of the invasion. It’s a really interesting visual and emotional change for the series.

That said, Judgment is classic Gears in the sense that the Campaign will be full-length, intense and brutal. Everything’s a little faster-paced, and you’ll find yourself relying on your teammates as you fight through the hordes. We can’t wait for UK fans to jump in come March 22″. -Epic Games

Q3: Can you tell us what to expect in the Campaign?

“The Campaign has really been streamlined and plays a lot more intense. We really wanted to get back to our roots and focus on core gameplay rather than elaborate storytelling. We still tell a story, but our focus was to make a really intense experience, one that will challenge gamers and make them think about the best way to progress through the game. We’ll also introduce a little bit of Horde Mode into the Campaign with sections that are built to be defensive scenarios”. -Epic Games

Q4: What’s new for multiplayer that we can expect?

“The multiplayer in Judgment has been given a real overhaul: it’s faster paced, sleeker and streamlined. We’ve opened up freedom of movement across all modes so players have more exciting and interesting options in every encounter. We’ve added some fan requested gametypes, like our new Free-for-all mode, and an all-new class-based mode called Overrun which takes the best of both Beast and Horde.

At its core, Gears has always been a game about co-operative gameplay – both in the suite of multiplayer modes, plus the ability to play through the Campaign with three of your friends”. – Epic Games

What do you guys think of Gears of War: Judgment so far? Are you looking forward to the release? I know I am! Let us know by leaving a comment.