Team Fortress 2 is now on Linux

(Start playing this now)

“And so TF2 fell into shadow. Or so Linux Torvalduman thought. Luckily a band of hobbits snuck past his ghostly burning eye-building and did something important, and wept and cradled each other and swore oaths of fealty, and there was some lava and, anyway, Team Fortress 2 is now on Linux and we’re giving away items to anybody who tries it, bringing to a close this epic trilogy of paragraphs.”

As the TF2 Blog described, Linux users can now play TF2 among many other titles. Not only will Linux users get new exclusive in game items but all titles on steam that can be played on the Linux are on sale on Steam until the 21st of this month!

Are you a Linux user? Make sure you get on Steam now! Let us know how it is in the comments below!