Hungry Giraffe is coming to the PS Vita


Laughing Jackal today revealed the first of its Vita titles, a brand new verson of their classic game Hungry Giraffe.

The game has previously been released as a Playstation mini and had over 100,000 downloads. It was also the first mini to get a 10/10 review from Official Playstation Magazine UK, who called it “as cute as a puppy with an inside-out ear and so addictive that it’s likely to make you miss your stop on the bus and not really care.”

This particular version has been updated from the original, and (apart from improved visuals) contains the following features:
Trophies – Show off your giraffe feeding skills with Laughing Jackal’s shiny range of Trophies

Online Leaderboards – Compare your Hungry Giraffe scores with the best players from around the world.

All-new Store menu – Eat calories in-game then spend them on upgrades and power-ups in the Store.

Three new skins – Fed up of gobbling your way from the savannah to the skies as a giraffe? Then why not use our fabulous reindeer, emu and snake skins.

Brand new Angel Feather power-up – If you find yourself falling to your almost certain doom why not try and catch yourself with the ever-useful Angel Feathers?

Amazing upgrades – Use your calories to unlock later Stages, nerf the effects of poison, pills and weights, get more boost from low-calorie foods, store more Hard Hats, give Chillies a better kick and more!

Digital Game Guide – See our gameplay hints and tips and learn about more about the content of the game.

You can check out the official trailer below and can also find some pretty nice looking screenshots.

Make sure you pick up this addictive and cute looking game for your console!

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