ShootMania Storm Enters Open Beta

Mania Planet, the company behind TrackMania have announced that after months of closed Beta testing, ShootMania Storm Open Beta has been released. ShootMania Storm is a first person arena based shooter, with its fast-paced game play it has been likened to the old Quake games and has already seen a decent following within the world of competitive gaming.

Shoot Mania

As well as announcing the Open Beta, Mania Planet have revealed a ‘face lift’ for their website and logos for ShootMania. A trailer for the Open Beta has been released which boasts that the game has “25,000 custom maps” as well as showing the map creator which is available to players. Mania Planet said on their website “As ShootMania grows bigger and reaches new territories, this new identity will help us introduce the spirit of competition of the game to more gamers around the world.”

If you enjoy competitive gaming, it doesn’t get much more competitive than this, so why not give it a go and brave the storm?

What do you think of the new look for ShootMania? Will you be participating in the Open Beta? Let us know in the comments below!