Namco Bandai Community Poll for Dark Souls 2 Tag-Line

Namco Bandai recently put up a community poll on their Facebook page on Thursday. This poll is for the tagline that will be used for Dark Souls 2. The options for this poll and the current count for the votes are as follows:

•Transcend Death (3165 votes)
•Into the Beyond (179 votes)
•Go Beyond Death (234 votes)
•Survive Death (125 votes)
•Sacrifice Everything (2697 votes)

It seems as though either ‘Transcend Death’ or ‘Sacrifice Everything’ will be the final tag-line for the game. Dark souls II is a sequel to the first game of the same title. It was announced back at the Spike Video Game Awards in December of 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Be sure to cast your vote for your favourite tag-line and let us know which one you picked in the comments below.