American McGee’s Grimm now available for PC

Spicy Horse Games, makers of Akaneiro: Demon Hunters and Alice: Madness Returns, has today announced that American McGee’s Grimm is now available on SpicyWorld.

Grimm sees you taking control of a dwarf named Grimm on a mission to turn the sweet fairy tales of today into the far-darker tales they originally were. Grimm spreads darkness wherever he goes using a range of sophisticated moves such as butt-stomp, while the denizens of the fairy tales try to keep everything as sweet as possible. 

Grimm was previously released for GameTap, and it features the dark fairytale aesthetic that American and Spicy Horse are known for with a unique and subversive take on classic fairy tales. All 23 episodes are available for purchase from the Spicy Horse site for $1.30/£0.82 per episode, $8/£5.06 for volumes of multiple episodes, or $20/£12.66 for all 23 episodes. 

While you’re there make sure you check out their other games, including their most recent release Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, a unique and darker take on the Little Red Riding hood story. Let us know what you think of Grimm in the comments.