The Witcher 3 Announced, Open World and Coming to Consoles [Updated]

The Witcher 2 was one of the PC’s biggest RPG masterpieces. Unflinching of the vision of a world filled with the lurid, dispicable, horrid and vile as Geralt solved the mystery of the king slayers. It ended on a major cliff-hanger, so is it any wonder that a third game is being released?

Game Informer’s latest issue confirms The Witcher 3’s existance, but not much info has been released as of yet. A NeoGAF user called Indigo_Cyclops however, with means to an early issue via Zinio, released these details:

       World supposedly 20% bigger than Skyrim’s
       30-40 minutes to cross world on Horseback
       New streaming technology (CDRED Engine 3)
       Geralt’s Memory is restored
       No chapters/acts
       Dude is fucking DONE fighting for everyone else
       Everything from solving MYSTERIES to slaying monsters
       Coming out on “all top-of-the-line” consoles – I’d say that confirms next-gen is in.

While these details have to be taken with a pinch of salt at this point, it does sound entirely possible with how ambitious CDRP have been in the past. A more free-roaming approach to the series is a shocker, as the rpevious games locked Geralt to  certain towns and the forest, swamp or whatever around it. The point about next-gen consoles is also possible due to how demanding previous Witcher games have been for PC’s, let alone the 360 version of The Witcher 2.

*Spoilers ahead*

Anyone who has finished the second installment will know that the game ends with the much feared Nilfgaard empire invading the northern kingdoms, setting stage for a cataclysmic conflict. It also ends with Geralt riding off to find Yennefer with Triss. Geralt gaining his memory back and being “DONE” with fighting monsters is unsuprising with how things have gone so far. It could be possible that this game is the conclusion of this trilogy of games, with the stage set for the northern kingoms to fall or the feared Nilfgaards being pushed back or defeated. If so the games switch to a more free-roaming affair will be interesting to experience.

*Spoilers end*


New details about the game are rolling in. The dev team has apparently doubled since the last game and a shed load of new features have been revealed. Some new details include:

-Large world 40 bigger than the last game

-Free-roam exploration via boat, horse and foot

-100+ hours of scripted quests and events

-Monster hunting

-Events in one area will effect another

-A reworked fight system and difficulty curve

-The main story is Geralt searching for Yennefer and fighting the wild hunt

-A narrative promising interaction to decide how the war turns out

Also here is a trailer explaining why they have chosen to develop a free-roam game instead of sticking to the series roots.

How do you feel about the direction the series seems to be taking with this game? Comment and tell us below.