Halo PC version hopes are dashed with Microsoft’s resounding ‘No’ [Updated]

A recent post on the internet regarding Steam’s Database has caused gaming fans to rejoice. After a bit of digging around, Neogaf forum user Stumpokapow managed to uncover a whole host of new games potentially coming to PC. One of those was Halo 3, potentially alongside Halo 2 and Halo: Combat Evolved. Fans have naturally gone mad in the hopes of seeing the Xbox exclusive make an appearance on the PC.

However Microsoft have responded to the speculation with a firm and resounding no.

We currently do not have plans to release any Halo titles on Steam

 While the Halo fans will be disappointed there is still the possibility of other games in the tests actually appearing on PC in the near future. Amongst the listed titles (some of which have now been confirmed) were:

– Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition

– Fez

– Dyad

– Angry Birds Space

– Resident Evil: Revelations

– Cut The Rope

Dyad creator Shawn McGrath has already confirmed that it will be making an appearance on Steam in March, with a Window’s version guaranteed and Linux and Mac versions available either at launch or shortly afterwards.


The developer who sent the original Tweet about Tiny Tina, Mike Sacco, has now confirmed that he no longer works for Cryptozoic.

I’m gonna confirm two things: That people tried to pressure Cryptozoic into firing me, and that I no longer work at Cryotpzoic.

The reasons why are still unclear at this point, but it can be safetly assumed that it was partially because of the responses to his original claim. His latest tweet on the matter says:

In the end this came down to me and the things that I believe in so I feel okay about it. I steer my own ship.

It’s sad news that we won’t be seeing Halo on PC, but keep an eye out for some other great games instead. Anyone disappointed by the news? Or perhaps there’s another game you would like to see on PC that isn’t makinga port (yet). Tell us in the comments.