Brutal Legend, Fez and Halo 3 Coming To Steam With Quantum Conundrum 2

People who keep an ever watchful eye with the Steam-database Watchers claim that over the weekend the appearence of ID’s pertaining to Brutal Legend, Halo 3, Fez and Quantum Conundrum were spotted. Since then the name of the ID’s have had their names changed to test, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t coming.

Brutal legend, a console RTS/Hack and slash/free roaming/METAL game, could use the improvement with a mouse and keyboard instead of the twin analogue sticks while killing roving hair-bangers.

Halo 3, coming out originally in 2007, has been off the radar for a while. It is suprising it hasn’t been ported to PC before this point.

Fez is rather interesting. This XBOX 360 exclusive platformer has been a critical darling since it’s release early last year. It will be interesting to play the dimension shifting uzzle-platformer on PC.

Will you be buying any of these games? Do you support the power of metal, guns or hats? Tell us!

Source – RockPaperShotgun