Borderlands 2’s Tiny Tina is dubbed as ‘racist’


The internet has once again exploded with comments addressing Tiny Tina, a terrifyingly strange yet lovable character from Borderlands 2,  as racist. 

The twitterverse was in an uproar with claims that the 13 year old explosives expert, whose comments on our badonkadonks made many people laugh, is actually a tool for racism from the writers of the game. In a spat between Tweeters and the game’s lead writer it’s been decided that the crazy character may be patched in the future.

It all started with one comment from Mike Sacco, creative developer of Cryptozoic Entertainment:

In true Twitter style other fans chipped in their two cents regarding Tina and her dialogue. People are arguing for both sides, which is a refreshing change for some arguments:


Even Anthony Burch, the lead writer, and Gearbox head Randy Pitcford got involved and defended the beloved character:


Burch finally finished the argument claiming that if her language and dialogue was offensive then it would be changed. This would only apply to her future appearances however, saying that it’s “not actually feasible within the technical constraints of the game.”


So what do you think, is Tiny Tina really a racist character? Personally she’s one of my favourite characters in the game, just for the entertainment value alone (not to mention the fact that she’s completly batty). Having someone comment that my character had “a booty like POW” still makes me giggle, but you can see where some people may see this as racism. Let us know what you guys think in the comments.