David Jaffe Lays Virtual Smack Down on CNN Reporter

David Jaffe has a bit of a reputation, a reputation at speaking his mind. This can often be in a profane manner but that doesn’t diminish any particular point he chooses to make. In his latest outburst the veteran games designer aimed his sights at CNN reporter Erin Burnett on the ongoing debate about violence in video games.

What did Ms Burnett do to provoke Jaffe’s ire? Well take a look below.

Erin Burnett attempts to put across the view that her opinion is fact, something that Jaffe was quick to point the finger at and decry. Many great Jaffe’isms can be found with this rather long TwitLonger post. One personal favourite being:

“‘Train’ is such a stupid, irresponsible verb that you- without a shred of guilt- chew into with relish and repeat over and over because you know it helps sell your false story.”

Jaffe rips into not just her poor use of language, but also the lack of research and logical fallacies. Something he has gotten good at over his long career, especially as a man who creates rather violent games himself.

How do you feel about Burnett’s reporting and Jaffe’s responce? Is he right or does he have it all wrong? Share your opinion below.