Bioshock Infinite Achievements List Unlocked

The people over at Exophase have got themselves a copy of the Bioshock achievement/trophy list, which is ready for your perusal

Within the selection include the usual “reach X part of game” and “kill X amount with gun/while doing Y”. The amount of achievements that call for using a specific tactics or number of takedowns though is rather long, 20 in total, showing that the game will have a variety to it’s violence. Other ones such as “Scavenger Hunt” ask players to rise to the challenge of 1999 mode, and not but anything at certain in game vendors. This is similar to an achievement in the original Bioshock which asked players to beat hard mode without using the respawning vita-chambers, which was no easy feat.

Bioshock Infinite is due March 26th later this year.

Are you ready for the challenge? Do you think you will be able to beat 1999 mode?


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