Global Games Jam In The UK Begins

Global Games Jam or GGJ is the worlds largest games collaboration event. From 55 locations around the world Global Games Jam enables everyone passionate about gaming to connect over one unified theme and then go off in teams of up to 8 people to create new innovative games in just 48 hours. That is from exploring the process of development, be it programming, iterative design, narrative exploration, artistic expression and more.

This year VGU will be based at Staffordshire University keeping track on all the happening at the Games Jam here while also trying to cover some of the overall jamming news.

Keep checking back with us for updates on the teams, games, screenshots, interviews, insider happenings and more at this years Global Games Jam 2013!

Not part of Games Jam this year? Can not get to a location? Why not join in on the fun and make your own games at home! The theme will shortly be available worldwide and then you can get started on your own innovation. Sign up over at the Global Games Jam website.

Happy Jamming from VGU x