Max Payne 3’s DLC features 4 New Modes

The last DLC pack for Rockstar’s Max Payne 3 features four new multiplayer modes, including a new two-player co-operative mode:

Dead Man Walking: The new two-player co-operative mode that pits you and your teammate against waves of enemies. The longer you survive the handsomer your score will be, and there are various modifiers to help. BulletTime and ShootDodge, registering headshots and dropping a target without taking damage will earn you big bonuses. Each wave survived asumulates adrenaline that is used for BulletTime Bursts and “Grit”, which unlocks pain-killers, weapons, attachments, new areas of the map and more. The enemies and Boss Waves get more challenging as you go along, so it’s a test of true skill.

– Run and StunThis mode turns one player into the villainous Saci, Captain Baseball Bat Boy’s nemesis, and pits him against the other players who must team up to survive the onslaught. Saci is armed with a stun gun, a few flash bangs and a weighty melee strike and each kill adds that player to his side. The round ends when the timer runs out or one player is left unturned. It’s all a case of using the stun and melee approach.

– Marked Man: Putting a spin on traditional Deathmatch modes, Marked Man rewards you with more XP for takin advantage of Max Payne 3’s Vendetta system. Players earn 5 points for each Vendetta they successfully complete and another 5 for each Vendetta they successfully walk away from.

– Time Attack: Kill streaks and massive amounts of kills are rewarded with points to match in this fast paced game mode. The match starts like a traditional Deathmatch, rewarding you with one point for the first kill tally, but after this a kill timer appears next to the tally to indicate how many points the next kill will be worth. Racking up more kills gets you more points and is key to coming out on top.

You can grab the new DLC now for 800 Microsoft Points or around £6.31.