You’re Never to Old to be a Gamer

The recent BBC news report shows 86 year old Hilda Knott talking to a reporter about how gaming keeps her mentally active but also is extremely enjoyable, while playing GTA4 and Disgaea 4 on her PlayStation 3. The video then further goes on to show Andrew Oliver, the Co-founder of Blitz Game Studios as he talks about gamings wider range of appeal across all generations.

The piece then goes on to claim that by the end of 2013, female gamers will eventually outnumber male gamers for the first time in history!

It is a really sweet video and I highly suggest you check it out on the BBC News Website because Hilda has some serious game! (Also the video cannot be viewed anywhere but the BBC website so do head over!)

What do you think of elderly gamers? Do you think the amount of women playing games will overtake the amount of men? Let us know in the comments below!