Digimon Masters are bringing out the big guns for 2013

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Joymax, a leading online game developer and publisher, have recently added one of the most powerful creatures to their free-to-play MMORPG, Digimon Masters. “Alphamon Ouryuken” has made its debut appearance, and while taming this ultimate form is no easy feat it’s worth all the effort!

You can gain this awesome creature be combining Alphamon and Ouryumon through the latest Jogres system. You need to fulfill a long line of chain quests to get the ability to Digivolve into Alphamon Ouryuken. Why would you want this creature? For starters his skills are based with the element of light, including two special skills: one creates a large energy ball that slams into enemies while the other uses a pretty epic sword to slash down with so much force it shatters the ground. It’s rumoured to even be able to match up against other legendary Digimon, Omnimon.

If you’re not sure where to start you should probably have a look at the following event: Beginning yesterday, people who bring a friend to Digimon Masters within the special event period will receive the full set of items needed for taming Alphamon Ouryuken, which makes it a heck of a lot easier. There is even a special EXP event which gives double EXP on Weekdays and triple EXP on the weekends.

If we’ve managed to intrigue you, you can join the action now on the Digimon Masters site. In the meantime check out the lovely new screenshots below, and let us know what you’re thinking of the game by dropping us a comment.

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