Iwata is Asked if the Wii U will Play 3DS/DS Games

“As the Wii U has (a controller with) a touch panel and uses two screens, I was wondering if you are going to make it compatible with the Nintendo DS. As you announced the Nintendo 3DS XL with larger screens, do you plan such an extra function for those who prefer as big screens as possible?”

Iwata: I am afraid I cannot say anything about your question today. Please let me receive it as your opinion that there is such consumer need and let us study it internally.

It’s a fair response but, more importantly, it’s not a no. If it is something Nintendo is planning to look into the results could be something special. Imagine Pokémon X and Y, HD Ocarina of Time or Kingdom Hearts 3D’s on the big screen via a Wii U, sounds pretty cool! Even more recently, Iwata has said there is no new hardware coming from Nintendo in 2013 BUT they are working on some amazing software! Could this feature be one of them? We can only hope!

What do you think Nintendo should do? Would you like to see this feature on the Wii U? Let us know in the comments below!