Disgaea 2 is coming to PS2 Classics this month

Fans of NIS America and the Disgaea series will be pleased to hear that Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories will be making an appearance on Playstation Network’s PS2 Classics section on the 22nd January 2013. It previously made an appearance on the PSP in 2009 as Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days which included additional content such as levels, skills and characters. It’s not known whether this content will appear on the PS2 Classics verson as well.

With over-the-top and crazy characters and an intriguing storyline you’re bound to love the game, which will be priced at approximately £6.20 ($9.99) at its release.

For those unfamiliar with the story, the game is set in the lush world of Veldime which is cursed to transform the inhabitants into demons and the world into a Netherworld. 15 years have passed with the citizens of Holt Village living as demons and they’re not ready to summon the creature that cursed them: Overlord Zenon. Adell, a young demon hunter, Rozalin, the Overlord’s daughter who was mistakenly summoned, and Etna, an assassin from another Netherworld, are all looking for him. Cursed Memories is a turn-based strategy game with a twist. You can learn more about the game and characters on the official Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories website.

I can certainly think of a few VGU staff who will be happy to hear this! Are you excited about the port? Leave us a comment below!