Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack Announced

The Sims have pretty much done most things through their lives, and now it’s time to head off to University. Heading off opens new opportunities for your lovely little Sims, from social connections to career growth. It isn’t just about learning though: you can join protests, flirt at a bonfire party and explore the campus and the union. There’s lots of things to do such as bowling, juice pong and spray painting murals – your Sims are sure to have an unforgettable experience!

Take a look at the main features with the expansion:

Achieve Academic Excellence: Learning is more fun than ever with major-speific objects. A Communication student can broadcast their own radio show and a Science or Medicine student can learn anatomy using the class skeleton, and you can even learn through social activities, class activitites and lectures at the students union.

Get Ready to Party!: With the study life comes the social life. Your Sim can host amazing parties from bonfires by the lake to doing juice keg stands at a dorm party.

Make Connections and Network: Grow your social networking skill through texting, blogging and streaming video. This will build up your affiliation with three groups on campus: the Nerds, the Rebels and the Jocks (you just never seem to get rid of those stereotypes!) Each group offer different unique advantages, from earning dream jobs to a coveted extra trait.

– Actions Matter: Your Sims decisions are important – each decision you make to further yourself will count and are interconnected.

Reap Benefits after University too: You can reach the top job in your chosen career path a lot easier with faster promotions and higher entry-level jobs for graduates. Plus if your Sim becomes a legend with their social group, they may even “land their dream job as an art appriaser, sports agent or video game developer!”

Explore the Campus and Town: There are loads of things to do both on and off campus, from bowling to visiting the local Comic Book store so make sure you get out there and explore!

If you pre-order the limited edition you will get the Party Pack Bundle, which includes the Partaeus Maximus Statue. This statue allows your Sims to throw the best parties ever and party guests even get a mood boost and an attire adjustment to match the theme (from masquerade to toga)!

As per usual with the Sims games this expansion requires the original Sims 3 to play and will be coming to PC and Mac in March 2013. To tide you over until then have a browse at the screens below. If only they brought these expansions out on Xbox.