God Mode “Ways to Die” Contest

 Right now, ATLUS and Old School Games are running the “Ways to Die” contest for the upcoming 3rd person shooter God Mode.  What is this contest, you say?  When you play God Mode you’re already dead, and a mocking Spirit Guide shares the unfortunate circumstances by which you met this tragic end.  So, we have been reaching out to fans to provide more amusing ways your character meets his fate.  There’s only one way to do this and that’s to have you and your readers enter creative submissions at the God Mode site here:

God Mode “Ways to Die” Contest

Submissions that make the Old School Games team laugh or cringe more than others will be selected and recorded by the hilariously annoying Spirit Guide for inclusion in the game.  Additionally, participants who provide selected entries will get a game credit in the “Special Thanks” category.

Observe some of these choice selections that have already been entered:

“Bright skies illuminated the area around you as you happily walk downtown towards a friend’s house, having been called over for a LAN party of a new game.  Little did you know that they instead had a birthday party planned for you. A birthday which was only a few days away.  Too bad for you, the truck carrying your birthday cake didn’t know this fact, as you were struck and killed in a messy surprise.  Coincidentally , your wife who is inside the birthday cake at this time will know you died before almost anyone else.”

“As a young man on the internet you decided to take part in the growing craze known as “No Shave November”.  You dabbled in many tonics and gels to help your manly chin wig grow. Pills, Radiation, even the dark arts were all used to help your hairy cause.  By the end of the month you had grown the most wondrous soup catcher the world had ever seen. Growing all the way down past your feet.  As you hurried down the stairs to photograph your creation, you stepped on your beard, tripped and snapped your neck.”

Think your readers can produce something better?  The challenge has been issued. 

Please note the contest ends at 11:59pm PT this Friday, 1/11 so get in there and get your submissions entered.  Winners will be noted on the contest page on 1/15.


About God Mode: 

God Mode combines non-linear gameplay, fast and frantic shooting, hordes of on-screen enemies, and stunning visuals. The game hosts a single-player mode, as well as online and offline (via LAN) co-op play with 1-4 players. In addition to accessing more than 11 different weapons for battle, players are also equipped with a special ability fueled by Rage, which is gathered by amassing kills. Players can choose from several different powers ranging from offensive, to defensive, to support; all of which can be upgraded. A series of in-game modifiers known as Tests of Faith alter gameplay on the fly and ensure that matches rarely–if ever–play out the same way twice. Each character is fully customizable, both in appearance and equipment, which evolve throughout the game. Gold and experience are accrued by players in a reward system to unlock new weapons and unique, powerful abilities, both of which have the option for further upgrades.

God Mode is rated M for Mature by the ESRB. For more information, please visit http://www.atlus.com/godmode.