Far Cry 3 now has a new Mobile Companion App!

Ubisoft have announced the release of a Far Cry 3 companion mobile app now available for iOS and Android platforms. The app, designed for Multiplayer and Co-Op, lets players decode data found during gameplay to earn advanced weapon mods and customise loudouts on the go. As well as this, Far Cry Outpost allows players to trakc their own progress through the daily and weekly challenges, check out stats and compare with friends as well as keep track of all the maps created via the in-game map editor. Pretty sweet if you ask me!

Decoding the data gives gives the opportunity to earn bonus XP and you can decode on the go. The weapon mods can be accepted, given to friends or sold for more XP straight from your phone so there’s no flipping between the game and the app.

What makes this app even better is that it’s free, so it costs you nothing to add to your gaming experience! You can download it from the iTunes Store and Google Play Store now. If you’re not quite sure about it yet have a look at the trailer. For free you really can’t go wrong