The AVGN Youtube Account has been Terminated [Update: Reinstated]

[Update: is now using an alternate player to host AVGN episodes once more and the account is back on youtube.]

In an odd turn of events, James Rolfe’s (A.K.A The Angry Videogame Nerd) Youtube Account has been found terminated today. All that remains of the page is a looming message from Youtube: “This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Terms of Service.” and an appropriately placed “D:” logo.

As owner of an early, memorable, and popular game related Internet production, James Rolfe, under “The Nerd” persona, would periodically create videos where he would play and review retro games and Consoles from the bygone era of gaming, usually with hilarous and farcical comedy tied into it (especially when showing dislike towards them). James has since then appeared in other productions, and has risen to prominent fame amongst the game community today. James still makes AVGN videos to this day, though the chances of now seeing them on youtube anymore have dwindled if the termination isn’t rectifiable, Especially when there’s a Feature Length Movie on the way for AVGN.

surprisingly, it’s not uncommon to see entire video channels being removed recently thanks to a recent barrage of copyright infringment notices being sent out from SEGA regarding content of the Shining Force series of games, a story that can be understood by watching this video, which also features TotalBiscuit’s input. There’s a chance that a particular company/companies (maybe SEGA, Maybe others) have added AVGN to their metaphorical “Hit-List” of Youtube channels, but so far there’s been no response from James via his website, or twitter, to confirm or deny any of this speculation.

Unfortunately, thanks to this, none of James’ AVGN videos are viewable via his website anymore (which has just been revamped for 2013), other shows are luckily unaffected. Regardless, we’re hoping the account is reinstated soon, as AVGN is an invaluable asset to the global gaming community online.